Frequently Asked Questions:

A selection of general queries to assist you in further understanding what Career Central is, how it works and why it can work for you.

How does Career Central Work?

Career Central is a web application that will assist schools in keeping track of students career information. Career Central will assist students to develop career management competencies by asking them to complete a simple four step career profile. This profile can be differentiated to suit their year level and career maturity. Students can also use Career Central to message careers advisors, book interviews, see careers events, create a CV, and more.

Students and staff can input information into career profiles and this information can then be used in both Academic Counselling and Career Planning alongside interviews with Careers Advisors and other staff. Using the programme increases efficiency and improves school wide involvement in career education by providing non-careers staff with a tool to assist them in having career conversations with students.

Careers staff can search for groups of students with similar interests or characteristics and easily communicate with them via text or email. You can create reports, lists, record interview notes and manage careers events. Career Central keeps track of all student information so no-one misses any opportunities.

Students, staff and parents will be able to log in using their school management system accounts (ie- KAMAR).  School management systems will automatically keep Career Central up to date with student information.



What does Career Central do?

Career Central contains a variety of customisable modules and pages. Staff can make different pages visible to different year levels depending on their career maturity.

Modules can be tailored to suit individual year level needs. Year 9 and 10 focuses on self-awareness as students are asked to identify their skills, personal qualities, career values and interests. Year 10 and 11 opportunity awareness, where jobs are researched and students are challenged to look into whether the jobs suits them. Year 12 and 13 introduces skills required for deciding and acting. Modules or pages in this area include topics such as further education plans, intentions for the following year (including subject choice), Job exploration, Employability skills, Goal setting and “Am I ready to leave school?” checklist.

Students are able to book appointments with Careers Advisors or make requests to schools (for references), build a C.V, see their interview notes, be informed about upcoming career events, have access to career resources,  and research jobs all through their student portal.

Staff are able to see students responses in their career profile. This information can be used to assist in career counselling as well as academic mentoring.

Careers Advisors are able to create interview notes in individual student profiles, send group messages (to cell phones and email) via the web application, compile careers reports, search for groups of students (based on occupational interest or tertiary education provider), advertise and manage career events and keep in touch with past students.


What support is available with Career Central?

One free initial school visit can be provided to help with the set up of Career Central, however further visits will be charged time and travel costs. If you have enquiries about support visits, please contact us.

There is ongoing support available through the helpdesk in Career Central. Your helpdesk allows you to open support tickets as well as seeing tutorial videos. The instructions for each page are also embedded into the page which you can refer to if you need help.

If you require additional support you can email or call 0800 000 862


What costs are associated with Career Central?

An annual subscription to Career Central is based on your school roll

Subscription Fees based on student numbers as follows:

All prices exclude GST

0-600 Students
600-800 Students
800-1000 Students
1000-1200 Students
1200-1400 Students
1400-1600 Students
1600-1800 Students
1800-2000 Students
2000+ Students
$1000 $1200 $1400 $1600 $1800 $2000 $2200 $2400 $2500

Text Messaging is an additional cost. Messaging is charged at 16 cents per text (this fee may go up (or down!) should our wholesale rate increase).

The annual subscription fee will be charged in one lump sum at the beginning of each school year. Texting credits may be purchased in bulk and will be invoiced accordingly.

How does Career Central integrate with school systems?

Career Central integrates with school system so that student information is automatically updated. We will only import the information from Kamar which is needed to create a career profile. This information includes Photographs, NCEA results,Year level, Ethnicity data and school email address.

Career Central take privacy of data very seriously


How is Private Information treated in Career Central?

At Career Central Limited (Career Central), we take privacy very seriously. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to ensure that we communicate to you, in the clearest way possible, how we treat personal information. We encourage you to read this Policy carefully.

It will help you make informed decisions about sharing your personal information with us.

The defined terms in the Policy have the same meaning as in our Terms of Use, which you should read together with this Policy. By accessing our Website and using our Service (Career Central Cloud Software), you consent to the terms of this Policy and agree to be bound by it and our Terms of Use.


Can I pay to only have a set amount of students use Career Central?

Unfortunately not sorry. Once signed up to Career Central you have access to use it with all of your students. If you choose to have Career Central to only Senior Students, you have the option to turn off access to the Junior students.