Designed to be simple and efficient

Our platform has been designed from the ground up, with full guidance from New Zealand Careers Advisors. Students are assisted to develop Career Management Competencies in order to manage their careers through school and beyond.

Our platform is designed to connect students learning to life beyond school. Career Central allows students anywhere, anytime access to career resources and advice, while keeping track of students information so that Careers staff and teachers can assist students to find an appropriate career pathway through and beyond school.

Students complete their career profiles

Customise modules to suit your students and their level of career maturity.
Collect information.
Students identify their skills, interests, career values, occupations which suit them and their employability skills. They can also begin to plan for their transition from school to future education and life.
Students will develop career management competencies as they take ownership of their career plans. They can also book careers appointments, send messages, respond to invites and see their interview notes.

Students log in using their school management system accounts to book appointments, make requests, see their interview notes, be informed about upcoming career events, have access to career resources,  and research jobs all through their portal.

See student results at individual levels in profiles

Career Central organises student responses into one place – your staff dashboard.
The platform allows you to see results at an individual level to get an understanding of each student.
You can also view results at a group level for an overview of your student base and any commonalities to be considered.
Information about your students is now at your fingertips so you can quickly understand what type of information and assistance they might need in order to navigate through school and beyond.

Manage Career Information School-wide

Message and text students, book and receive appointment requests, and record interview notes for future reference.
Manage careers events.
Search for groups of students with similar characteristics and send advice and relevant event, course and occupation information with the click of a button.
Generate reports to send home to parents.
Inform school-wide Career Counseling & Academic Mentoring by allowing staff to log in and view student profiles.
Career Central integrates with school management systems, such as KAMAR.
Your school management system will automatically keep Career Central up to date with student information.
Students, Group Teachers/Form Teachers, Management Staff, and Careers Advisors will all be able to log in.

At Matamata College we have used Career Central for the past year and we fully endorse this programme. Students and staff input information into career profiles and this information can then be used in both Academic Counselling and Career Planning. Career Central is used school wide and reports can be generated to send home to parents. The ability to search for groups of students with particular interests and message them via Career Central has made our department so much more efficient. We can now keep track of all students and make sure no-one misses out on opportunities, we love the programme!

Anne Taylor

Careers, Matamata College

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