Your complete Career Management System

Keep track of your student’s career profiles and guide them on their career journeys. Career Central offers Careers Advisors and other teaching staff a simple way to gather up to date career related information from students. The programme is web based and has been designed by NZ Careers Advisors based on current Career Theory and best practice in Career Education and Guidance.

Career Central is a great way for Careers Advisors to communicate and interact with individuals or groups of students as they navigate their way through and beyond secondary school.

Students Can:

Develop Self-awareness
Develop Self-awareness by identifying their Skills, Personal Qualities, Career Values and Interests
Explore Opportunities
Explore Opportunities by browsing and researching Industry groups and jobs they think will suit them before storing these in their Jobs Bank. Students can search based on Interest or by Vocational Pathway.
Deciding and Acting
  • Messaging a careers advisor or booking an interview
  • Creating a CV
  • Making a request (references)
  • Keep track of careers events
  • Indicating their intentions for the following year, including the subjects they are considering taking
  • Indicating interest in other programmes (eg Gateway, Taster courses, Trades Academies)
  • Goal setting

Careers Advisors Can:

Track Profiles
Keep track of all students’ career profiles. Profiles are web based and can be updated by students at any time from any device.
Quickly Search and Group Students
Quickly and easily search for groups of students – (eg Students in year 12 who want to go to Waikato University, Students who would like to become hairdressers etc..) These students can them be messaged via text or email.
Message Students
Send out messages via text and email to individual or groups of students.
Advertise and Manage Career Events
Advertise events and other notices with digital signage via the Media Manager. Career events can be managed by inviting groups of students whose profile indicates they would be interested in attending.
Careers Advisors can easily send reports to parents of any group of students. Reports can be created based on any career information held in the profile.
Easily record interview notes which can then be viewed by students, careers advisors, group/form teachers and deans.

Schools Can:

Facilitate school wide Careers Education
Facilitate school wide Careers Education by allowing all teaching staff to login to Career Central to view and interact student profiles.
Reporting to Parents

Reports containing selected Career Information (such as subject selection data) can be created in Career Central to be sent to home to parents.

Parents are able to login and view student’s career profiles.

Academic Conferencing
Teachers are able to use student’s careers information for academic conferencing.

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